• Advice on technology solutions

Advice on technology solutions

ICT Advice

Assist in the strengthening of the information security environment, focused on the following points:

  • Define the processes to which your degree of maturity will be determined.
  • Evaluate the current degree of maturity of the defined processes.
  • Determine the level of maturity desired in the short and medium term.
  • Develop a diagnosis and recommendations on the information security environment in the organization.


Advice and implementation of Document Management

Your company is equipped with a team capable of digitizing and managing the scanned documents. With the scanned files you can:

  • Security of and in the information
  • Quick access to information from anywhere (intranet, extranet and Web).
  • Reduction of the possibility of loss of documents
  • Reduced cost of printing and photocopying of documents.
  • Preservation of the original documents in better conditions.



It is a software designed to assist in the process of sampling and identification of the staff of the Institution that must participate in the surveys / diagnoses that are performed as part of the implementation / evaluation of the MECIP. The software allows to adequately consider the representative stratification of each area, level or position according to the total number of officials in the institution.