• Automation of electronic invoicing processes

Automation of electronic invoicing processes

The Ministry of Finance, through the SET issued Resolution No. 124 in March 2018, where 14 companies have been designated to participate in a pilot project of Electronic Billing, to be completed in July 2018. Subsequently, it would be implemented Gradually to the rest of the companies.

BDO has developed a comprehensive solution for the automation of billing processes, which includes the technological products required, in order to help companies implement the legal requirements and also achieve efficiency and savings in their processes related to generation, subsequent management and file of digital invoices.

The Electronic Invoice is the digital version of traditional paper invoices, easy to store, manage and exchange by electronic or digital means. In order for the electronic invoice to be legally valid, it must have a digital signature.

The Digital Signature is the way to safeguard the digital identity with full legal validity for its use in documents. Through Law No. 4610, approved by the Ministry of Industry and Commerce, the Digital Signature was authorized and legalized.